New Look Group Sessions

New Group Sessions added

We have added a few new group sessions to our schedule.


A strength based circuit workout that is based around 4 week progression. With a list of prescribed exercises, this group session gives you the opportunity to build strength through technical and functional application under instructor guidance. This includes learning the basics of a squat, bench press and deadlift along with other compound movements, and personalised progressions and regressions to suit each individual. Whether you are looking to increase your general strength, or learn the basics of safe lifting, this class suits a wide range of people with varying strength goals. This class can be completed at your own pace and intensity level.


Build strength and endurance in a positive and motivational group environment. Designed to introduce and reinforce proper lifting technique to ensure you are getting the most out of each movement and workout; to aid you in building strength and conditioning. The session includes a short muscle group focused conditioning piece to conclude the session. Modifications can be made to suit varied skill and fitness levels as well as any other physical limitations.


Our Body Shock class is aimed at people looking to tone up, get into shape and increase their general fitness, strength and well being. This class is convenient for those that are already out doing the school run or prefer a group training session time that is a little bit later in the morning. With a focus on functional movement and low impact exercises, this is a good option for a wide variety of people, including parents, those that are unsure about the gym environment or beginners.


Weekend warrior is a Bootcamp style session with no definite format leaving our trainer with complete flexibility and you with a complete surprise until you get there. This session will include modern day training styles, strength and conditioning and maybe even some boxing. No two sessions will be the same! Designed to give you a hardcore full body workout every week.

To find out which group session will benefit you the most, see here

We have now activated our Group Sessions included membership.

We have a new membership add on that allows members to have access to all of our group sessions.

For current members:

Simply login to your online membership dashboard via the portal and select "add membership" then choose the "classes included" option.

This will add $10.00 per week to your existing membership and give you the access to our 15 group sessions each week (bookings essential, also through the portal).

Please note those on casual memberships such as Pay Per Use and 10 Session passes will still be charged for each session on entry to the gym plus the weekly fee for the add on. We strongly advise taking up one of our other membership options to benefit from this offer.

For Non Members:

Simply choose the option "Group sessions included" on our Memberships page.

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New Look Group Sessions

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