WRPF Summer Classic 2019

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Here are the Results for our Powerlifting meet over the weekend! Our full highlight videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Day 1 Results of the 2019 WRPF Summer Classic

Over the two days we have 5 Open Records and 16 Age Records for Men and 4 Open Records and 41 Age Records broken for Women.

Women's 3 Lift

Younger Girls 14-16

  • 75kg 1st Hayley Rushton

Senior Girls 17-19

  • 75kg 1st Vy Quyen Dong

Junior Women 20-23

  • 60kg 1st Natarlyia Mitchell
  • 67.5kg 1st Delina Farrelly
  • 90kg 1st Phillipa Green

Senior Women 24-39

  • 56kg 1st Aisling Speight
  • 60kg 1st Michelle Gillet
  • 2nd Tiarni Cane
  • 3rd Melody Dingemans
  • 67.5kg 1st Sarah Peisker
  • 2nd Jessie Mirhigh
  • 75kg 1st Lisa Reynolds

Masters 40-49

  • 67.5kg 1st Alison Walker
  • 90+kg 1st Helen Astell

Masters 50-59

  • 82.5kg 1st Gayle Gorringe

Masters 70-79

  • 60kg 1st Mary Dash

Men's 3 Lift

Younger Boys 14-16

  • 82.5kg 1st Zac Seadon

Senior Boys 17-19

  • 75kg 1st Jakk Smith

Junior Men 20-23

  • 90kg 1st Bryce Butler
  • 2nd Jarrod Murray
  • 3rd Cohen Fiddian

Senior Men 24-39

  • 75kg 1st Ryan Jordan
  • 2nd Corey Heald
  • 90kg 1st Jamie Dash
  • 2nd Luke Howard
  • 3rd Cody Bajzelj

Day 2 Results of the 2019 WRPF Summer Classic

The two major standouts were Rhyss Keane lifting a total of 1032.5kg, Jess McCallum lifted of total of 590.5kg the highest totals by a man and women in any WRPF competitions.

Bench Only

Junior Women 20-23

  • 56kg 1st Alexandra Gruber
  • 67.5kg 1st Jacqueline Atkins

Junior Mens 20-23

  • 125kg 1st Jack Ansell

Senior Men 24-39

  • 100kg 1st Jamie Collins
  • 125kg 1st Toman Bradley
  • 2nd Joshua Murray

Masters Men 40-49

  • 125kg 1st Pail Hampton

Masters Men 70-79

  • 90kg 1st Dennis Hay

Deadlift Only

Junior Women 20-23

  • 67.5kg 1st Jacqueline Atkins

Senior Women 24-39

  • 82.5kg 1st Kristy Stone

Younger Boys

  • SHW 1st Jaxson Stone

Senior Men 24-39

  • 82.5kg 1st Mark Dowling

Masters Men 40-49

  • 100kg 1st Ian Henderson

3 Lift

Senior Women's 24-39

  • SHW 1st Jess McCallum

Younger Boys 14-16

  • 110kg 1st Ryan Williams

Junior Men 20-23

  • 100kg 1st Marcus Poole
  • 2nd Justin Wyllie
  • 3rd Dean Retterer
  • 110kg 1st Nathan Kilby

Senior Men 24-39

  • 100kg 1st Joshua Giuliani
  • 2nd Sheldon Coyne
  • 110kg 1st Mitch Lee
  • 2nd Rohan Baldock
  • 3rd Matt Parr
  • 125kg 1st Sam Boxall
  • 2nd Thomas Reeves
  • 3rd Nick Baldock
  • 140kg 1st Rhyss Keane
  • SHW 1st Tyron Cullen

Masters Men 40-49

  • 100kg 1st Trevor Bantick
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