Beginner Program

Want to get started in the gym but feel lost amongst all the equipment?

Why not have one of our Trainers take you through a 1:1 session to ease your nerves?

Our beginner program is designed to help you navigate around the gym and learn to use all of the plate and pin loaded machines. A cost effective way to get more comfortable in an overwhelming environment.

Contact one of our Trainers below!

Meet Your Trainers

Want to get started in the gym but are a little intimidated by all the equipment? Try our beginner program and take a virtual tour through the gym with demonstration videos on how to use all of the weight lifting machines adequately and safely. a cost effective and simple beginner option.

Cert 3 Trainer
Andrea Edwards
0412 345 678

Group Sessions - Up to 20 people at once.

Functional Group Classes - 45 minute functional sessions.

Director/Strength Coach
Nathan Hepburn
0419 374 895

Powerlifting - Cert 1 strength coach

Coaching - 1 on 1 Coaching

Beginner Programming

  • Online programming.
  • Face to face programming.
  • Free weight basics.
  • Young Athlete Strength.

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