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On 26th May 2018 The Move Strong open was hosted by Powerlifting Australia, in conjunction with Raw Strength Tas (Matt McKay), at Move Strong Gym in Devonport.

TSD was well represented by 5 lifters, 2 novice lifters and 3 amateurs. Here are their results:

Nick - 120kg class - 640kg total - 7 from 9 (PB bench and PB deadlift) GOLD

Ryan - 93kg class - 585kg total - 4 from 9 - SILVER

Bryce - 83kg class - 547.5kg total - 6 from 9 - GOLD

Sarah - 73kg class - 317.5kg total - 6 from 9 (PB Deadlift) SILVER

Jacqui - 63kg class - 302.5kg total - 6 from 9 - SILVER

I am really proud of the performance from each of our lifters, helping each other and other lifters at any opportunity. It's the kind of culture we try to create at The Strength Den, and we don't just leave it inside the gym.

A huge thanks goes out to all of the family members and supporters cheering from the crowd, it's a huge boost of confidence having you all there.

- Ryan

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